Sunday, April 13, 2014


You really couldn't tell it's spring because of today's cold and rainy weather but thankfully it is!  That was one cold and snowy winter.  I definitely had PMS aka Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.  Sadie was a little temperamental again this year and didn't want to start.  I guess I need to invest in that trickle charger since Zippy Pickle can't share.  I finally did get her started though and have taken her on a couple rides around town.  What a great feeling!  A girl and her motorcycle, such a beautiful sight!

Last fall I lost one of my riding gloves.  I don't know how but it vanished.  Maybe there is a glove gremlin like there is a sock gremlin.  Hopefully it will show back up eventually since one could always use a back up pair.  Well on my way to visit my sister I stopped at my favorite Harley Dealer in Waterloo, Silver Eagle, and purchased a very awesome new pair of riding gloves.  It kind of freaked me out that I really liked them because they have a pink bar and shield and pink stitching.  Let me tell you they are awesome.  They just pull on and I don't have to fight with the Velcro strap like I did my other pair.  They will take a little breaking in but so far I'm really liking how they fit and feel.  Plus I love the smell of new leather!  At $55.00 for the pair I better take better care of these.

Check out this cool tank that Harley Davidson has come out with for the 2014 Sportster.  It's great to see that Harley Davidson is making a few more tanks with the female rider in mind.  I like how they took the paisleys and created skulls with them to add a little more of an edgy look.  A guy I know that works for the Harley Dealer in Iowa City posted this photo one day a few months back and asked people what they thought of it.  Of course some guy had to say something extremely derogatory and negative about it.  It really got under my skin. (Can't ya tell?)  I applaud Harley Davidson for realizing that 1 in 4 motorcycle riders are female.  Having options that aren't 100% geared to males is refreshing.  Mr. Derogatory and Negative is just going to have to get a grip and accept that we are here to stay and we may want a kick ass tank that sets us apart.      

With it being spring, cages have forgotten that we are out on the road.  We've already had a few motorcycle versus cage accidents this riding season, here in Des Moines.  There was also one death caused by a drunk driver.  The rider will be buried tomorrow in Des Moines.  He was injured about a month ago, coming back from a memorial ride for a young man that lost his life to cancer.   He passed the beginning of last week. Prayers to his family and friends.   

Please be careful out there my rider friends!  Have a safe and adventurous riding season!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Devil's Ride - I Just Can't Look Away

Here I go again.  I just can't stay away from watching this show.  Real or not, it's entertaining.  Plus I dig Grizz from Sin Mob.  I think that Sin Mob seems more believable as a MC than the Laffing Devil's.

So, 22 minutes in and both Ps get their cuts taken??  The fights weren't even believable.  And on the 2nd show they break into a garage to steal a car on camera?  OK Discovery Channel, funny stuff!  I'm going to watch this for what it is, a fake reality show, totally for entertainment only.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Iowa Harley Girl LIVES!

Yes folks, I'm still kicking.  The winter got away from me and frankly I didn't have anything motorcycle related to blog about.  After my 1/2 disappointing Sturgis trip my urge to post and ride really kind of went right out the window.  I'm over it now and ready for the 2014 riding season.  We just have to stop getting snow here in central Iowa.  This has been quite the winter for I think most of the country.  That is with the exception of Arizona since I continuously see posts on Facebook from Boston Ann about how amazing the temperature is there during the winter.  Yes you are lucky with that but for the most part I think I'd rather endure our winter then the temps they have there in the summer.  But I guess I can't judge because I've never been to AZ in the summer. 

I read a great book this winter called 1000 Biker Tattoos.  Great stories about bikers and their tattoos and great photos as well.  The author is Sara Liberte who is known for Garage Girls and Rally TV as well as her fine arts collections: Builder and Machine, Woman and Machine, and Sturgis. 

My fellow Chrome Diva and Motorcycle Blogger Janet "Corn Dog" Green is celebrating her 10th year of blogging.  Her blog Biker Chick News is a great blog for female riders. I know that the men also follow Janet because she is such a wonderful writer.  She shares a lot of her riding journeys and gives great ideas of where to ride in Iowa.  Stop by her blog and wish her a big congratulations.  

Speaking of women motorcycle bloggers, I found a totally cool chick named Sash who writes the blog Sash Mouth.  Her and her motorcycle man Highway also write a motorcycle blog called Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia.  I'm kicking myself because a few of my Diva sisters met Sash and Highway last summer.  Check out this video with a great Biker Chick Tip on Sunglasses. 

I really can't wait to ride again.  I walk by Sadie every day and tell her I miss her.  I can't wait for SPRING!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rest In Peace Tommy Fryed

Very sad to hear that Tommy Fryed of the Fryed Brothers Band passed away from heart failure on Wednesday, October 30th.  My prayers go out to all of Tommy's family and friends.  Ride Tommy Ride!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

GET ON - A Guide To Riding Motorcycles For Women Who Think Too Much by Janet H. Green

If you have been rolling the thought of riding your own motorcycle around in your head and still haven't decided if you should or not, you need to buy this e-book.  As a woman I totally over think everything.  Well most everything.  When I was trying to make the decision if I was going to ride my own or continue to ride two-up I wish I would have had this book as my guide.

Get On - A Guide to Riding Motorcycles For Women Who Think Too Much by Janet H Green is truly wonderful.  Janet sprinkles in a bit of humor and a lot of truth in her e-book.  This veteran rider of over 10 years, covers pretty much everything that rolls through a woman's mind when she is trying to make this important decision.  A decision that ultimately will change her life forever if she decides to go for it and ride her own.

So many people try to talk you out of riding because it's oh so dangerous.  Janet says it best in the "What Will (Insert Name Here) Think?" chapter, "Motorcycles are not dangerous.  In fact, in this whole entire book there is only one guarantee I can make, and that is this:  You can approach a motorcycle, walk all around it, run your hand over it's leather seat, even check your teeth for lipstick in the reflection of its chrome air cleaner - and it will not harm you.  No, motorcycles are not dangerous.  Bad riding habits are dangerous.  The motorcycle is merely a machine.  The danger comes when you are uneducated in and unprepared for its proper and safe usage."  

This book will totally empower any woman that has been giving riding a second, third, and maybe fourth thought.  It will guide her to decide that maybe riding her own just isn't for her because there is oh so much involved.  I have a feeling though that the women who buy and read this book, especially the "Why, Indeed?" chapter, will get the push they need to at least take the MSF motorcycle class to see if it's really a dream that is worth pursuing further. 

Janet covers it all in this book, from the must haves to finally learning to ride.  The section about which motorcycle to purchase, when you are just getting started, offers great tips on what to look for and think of when you are trying to decide.    

I think the best part of this book is the truthful nature of it.  Janet tells you exactly what you need to hear about riding your own.  She shares great knowledge from her years of riding.  She gives the reader great thoughts to ponder on the reader's journey to riding her own.  This is definitely a must read for all women that are thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle, even if they don't think too much! 

For your copy of Get On - A Guide to Riding Motorcycles For Women Who Think Too Much by Janet H Green click on this link - GET ON!!   or go to 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thoughts on Sturgis 2013

It's been almost a month since the Sturgis Rally.  It wasn't the best Sturgis trip I've had to date but it had it's fun moments.  One thing I learned on this trip is trust your gut because it is pretty spot on most of the time.  I'm not going to go into any detail about that comment but l will say, if you think someone you are going on a trip with may not play well with others, go with your gut!  Looking back now I should have realized that following the truckload of kybos through the scenic view in Chamberlain was a sign of things to come. 

I had a couple emotional moments on the trip since this was the first time I road my own to Sturgis.  The first is when we crossed into South Dakota.  I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pride in myself for arriving there.  The next emotional moment was when I exited into Sturgis and made my journey to Lazalle Street so I could turn right and head on out to the Buffalo Chip.  I had to fight back tears a couple times.   Riding your motorcycle down Main Street is a seriously cool feeling.  I got Goosebumps!

I forgot how loud the Buffalo Chip was and while it was awesome to be there for all of the concerts I believe that the next trip I make will not include a stay at the Chip.  Next time I'd actually like to stay in Sturgis.  Maybe in someone's yard.  I didn't mind tent camping at all but with all the noise at the Chip, a good nights sleep was not possible.  The best concert, hands down, was Halestorm.  Rob Zombie was also amazing but I felt like he could have played much longer.  I finally have a musical respect for ZZ Top.  Billy Gibbons is seriously cool and I bet it would be fun hanging with him and listening to his countless stories.  Old Guys Rule.  Speaking of Old Guys...met this gnarly ODB named Woody and his son Cory before Halestorm.  They were from Davenport, Ia.  Imagine that, we have to go to South Dakota to meet other Iowans.  We hung out with them during the evenings for the length of their stay at the Chip.  I spent about a hour one afternoon talking to Woody and it was one of the best moments of the trip.  I love listening to people talk about their experiences in life.  I truly hope that I run into Woody and Cory again on the road.  It sucks because I didn't get their last name.  Boo! 

Dan's friend Jeff and his woman Meredith were the only non bikers on the trip.  They drove the truck and camper out to the Buffalo Chip for the other folks that were with our group.  It still cracks me up that they were the only people on the trip to get INK.  And the rest of us call ourselves bikers.  HA!  Jeff and Meredith were really fun to hang with and it was cool that we got to use the truck a few days so that we could hang with both of them. 

Sturgis has changed since the last time I was there.  The Broken Spoke Saloon is no longer downtown.  It is now Easyrider Saloon.  Loved the new building they built and the multi levels of outdoor decks was awesome.  Great people watching.  I did notice this trip that there wasn't as much nudity as usual, especially at the Chip.  Maybe it's because it was colder at night.  I think the guys were very disappointed.  Has Gunner's always been on Lazalle?  For some reason I thought it used to be on Main Street??

It's probably weird but I didn't do any riding while I was there.  It was just an accomplishment for me that I got there.  I spent most of my time hanging out at the Chip or going places in the truck so we could hang with Jeff and Meredith and drink.  Yes drink...I needed many cocktails on this trip!  My next Sturgis trip will be so much different.  I look forward to another journey to the motorcycle mecca.  Maybe 2015.  That trip will include more time downtown Sturgis and actually doing some riding in the great state of South Dakota. 

As I waved good bye to the Chip and road through Sturgis to the interstate, I felt sad.  I always feel sad leaving Sturgis.  I love the rally and the people that travel from all over to enjoy the same thing that I enjoy.  On the journey home I reflected a lot on my life and how lucky I am to have been able to take this trip.  How strong I really am as a woman to ride my own motorcycle.  And how much I am thankful for the freedom that I have to ride freely in our great land. 

I love you Sturgis, South Dakota

Monday, August 19, 2013

Toby Keith and the Concerned Biker

One of the concerts I attended at The Chip was Toby Keith.  I've liked a lot of his music and really dig the fact that he's so All American!  He loves our military and I think that's awesome!  Well the last 2 songs he sang were American Soldier and Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.  Well with my lack of sleep and not so lacking consumption of multiple cocktails I found myself crying when he sang American Soldier.  Out of the blue this nice old dirty biker walked over and asked if I was ok and if I had lost someone in a war?  I told him no, that I just don't take my freedom lightly and that this song always makes me cry.  He gave me a little squeeze and walked away.  I thought that was very cool that he cared enough to ask!  There are some super awesome bikers in this world and it was my honor to hang with them again this year at Sturgis!

God Bless Our Troops, Vets, Military Families, and Our Fallen Heros!  And God Bless Our Great Land!!  

Don't Tread on Me!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Journey to Sturgis

Here is a photo from the beginning of the journey to Sturgis.  I'm the 2nd rider.  

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Big Sky Country - The Legendary Buffalo Chip

Good Bye, Sturgis! Until Next Time!

Heading for home today.  I always feel some sadness when I leave Sturgis and this time is no different.  I do have to say...after 5 days in a tent at the Chip, I can't wait to sleep in a bed!  

Monday, August 05, 2013

The Four Presidents

God Bless America and God Bless the Chip

Ride Em Chrome Cowgirl!!

Cool Looking Biker Chick...Downtown Sturgis.

The Roar of Dirty Thunder at ZZ Top

Halestorm was amazing!  Lzzy Hale is fabulous live!! That Chick can freaking sing!!!  AMAZING!  ZZ Top was so Rock'n!  I love Billy Gibbons!  You can ride into the concert grounds on your bike and when the crowd digs the tunes and the band, the roar of dirty thunder is insane cool!  

It's A Hot Sunday Morning

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4 Wet Chrome Horses

Taking a break in Sioux Falls.